When Britain Went Pop, 2013

Catalogue and exhibition design for the
When Britain Went Pop exhibition at
Christie's Mayfair.

Art directed by Micha Weidmann

Tate Modern: Choucair, 2013

Catalogue design for the Saloua Raouda Choucair exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Art directed by Micha Weidmann

Typographic Calendar, 2013

A response to a student brief to create a typographic calendar for an astronaut. The typography was laser etched on to white acrylic. The calendar rotates to reference the loss of gravity whilst in orbit.

GSA P&P 2012, 2013

Catalogue design for the Glasgow School
of Art Painting and Printmaking degree
show 2012. Designed in collaboration with Sebastian Gorton Kalvik.

The Common Guild, 2013

Invitation design for Thea Djordjadze's exhibition "Lost Promise in a Room" at
The Common Guild, Glasgow.

Completed at Marque Creative

Knows Identity, 2013

Identity for Knows, a London based company which aims to bring a sense of cohesiveness to a series of things that are linked by their focus on the sense of smell.

News From Nowhere, 2013

Self initiated project exploring how the quality of the written word has deteriorated due to the faster methods of digital communication by contrasting it with that of a pre-digital era. The leather bound-book consists of over 3000 different spam emails. The decorative look aims to change our perception of the written word.

O-SB Design, 2012

Website design and programming for graphic design studio O-SB Design

Art directed by Anne Odling-Smee at O-SB Design